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Intl Demo Program

Here at Donnay-XeneCore, we offer the first tennis manufacturer demo program for anyone across the United States and worldwide. We have the only manufacturer-sponsored on-line demo program in tennis. That's because the best way for you to appreciate the sollid-core advantages in comfort and performance is to take our frames on an extended free test-drive and really put them through their paces. You can easily demo up to 2 of our racquets and keep them for up 2 weeks in the United States, or 1 Demo racket anywhere in the world for one month.  Specific countries will also have limitations. Customer will be responsible if there are any duties and taxes for customs clearance.  The invoice value for the demo will be set at $39*

How do I access the Free Demo Program?
Click here to demo or use the "Free Demo Program" link on the top title bar. We also recommend you to register as a user and then access our Free Demo Program. If you are not a current registed user, click here to register.

What is the cost to demo racquets?
You have the option of demo'ing either 1 or 2 of our racquets (in the USA) for just the two way cost of shipping.

We include a pre-paid return shipping label. If you choose to upgrade to expedited shipping, you will incur the current expedited shipping rate.

International shipping rates vary based on country *(standard is $39) and you may be required to put a $99 temporary deposit   At the end of the demo period, should you decide to purchase the racket you will be charged only the additional amount to equal the cost of the racquet .  Should you decide to return the demo, you are responsible for the return shipping fee's.

How long before I receive my racquet?
Packages are generally dispatched within 2-10 days after receipt of payment. Because our demos may need servicing prior to being shipped out, we can not guarantee to ship out your racquet(s) in the same time frame as new product purchases. However, we strive to get the racquet(s) shipped within 48-72 hours from purchase date.

How long can I keep the racquet?
We offer a 2-week demo period on all of our racquet(s). This means that you get to keep the racquet for a full 2 weeks.  If you receive the racquet(s) on Monday, you must ship the racquet back the Monday that is 2 weeks from the original Monday.  International is up to one month depending on the country.

How do I return my racquet(s) back?
We will provide all USA demo's with a pre-paid return label that you can adhere to the original packaging.  You can then drop off the package at any post office. You must return the racquet(s) using the pre-paid return label to guarantee insurance, tracking and proper return of the racquet(s). International Demo's that are not purchased, must be returned at the customers expense, with proof of delivery.

What if I don't return my racquet(s) after my  demo period?
If we do not receive receipt that your package was shipped back to us after your 2-week (domestic) or up to 1-month (international) demo period, your pre authorized credit card will be charged for the full retail price.