Xenecore Innovation

All Donnay frames are developed with the "solid core" technology. This technology consists of an ultra-lightweight patented material and high strength compound called "Xenecore". An ultra-lightweight microcapsules with Xenecore is injected into the frame during the production phase to create the lowest RA tennis rackets in the world.

Arm Protection

 Donnay Xenecore rackets are made differently from the inside to protect YOU.
No more tennis elbow, wrist, or shoulder pains.
The result of "Racket Shock & Vibration" study conducted independently shows our solid-core tennis frames produce less shocks and vibrations at initial contact and 4 times less shock and vibration compared to other tennis rackets brands.

Donnay Rackets

Pro One 97″ (16×19)

TheDonnay Pro One Hexa is the next evolution of the historic Pro One. Designed to give the best to the demanding tennis players, its flexibility ensures comfort and sensitivity at the highest levels, without compromising spin and control. Pro One Hexa is the top of the range, simply unique in playabilty and performance.

Allwood 102

The Donnay Allwood 102 is the most flexible racket in the range, a frame able to blend the absolute feeling of a classic racket and the rotations of a modern racket. The 102-inch string pattern lets the ball impact with extreme ease, while the tight and constant profile gives immediate connection with the ball. Power to sell, rotations and control make the Allwood a very effective modern classic frame.

Formula 100

The Donnay Formula Hexa is the Donnay profiled racket. Soft, connected to the ball and capable of giving complete performance to the modern player, who seeks rotations and power, but with sensitivity and control. A unique frame that offers classic racket feeling and ease of play.

Pro One 97″ (18x20)

The Donnay Pro One Hexa 18 × 20 is the racquet deidcata to the old-style tennis player, who seeks absolute precision and feeling at the highest levels. The dense lattice, the 19 milliliter profile, the high flexibility and the boxed beam section are the calling card of a frame for those seeking control without compromise.

Demo Program

Donnay offers the ONLY tennis manufacturer demo program.With our unique demo program, U.S. customers can demo 1 racquet for 14 days for just $1.00 shipping included. Restring it if you like. You can keep it for up to 14 days. More info below.

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Donnay Sponsorship

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Love or Free

We are so confident in our rackets,  we are giving you a FULL YEAR to test  DONNAY Xenecore tennis frames. 

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