Benefits of Xenecore

XeneCore ™ (pronounced “zeen-core”) is a proprietary new patent-pending technology that allows Donnay to create new frames with thin beams and solid cores, unlike wider-beamed hollow conventional racquets that are cumber some to swing and lack touch and control that most players crave.

: the solid-core configuration expands the weak point and resists twisting on off-center hits;

-POWER : the solid-core construction allows the frame to return more quickly to the impact with the ball and catapult the ball deeper and faster into the opponent's field.

-COMFORT : the use of cores inside the frame gives maximum comfort and low rigidity to the tool. Moreover the cores have a function of absorption of the vibrations and shock of impact.

The Solid-core consists of a patented ultra-light and high-strength material called " Xenecore ". The Xenecore is used in the form of powder so as not to add any significant weight to the frame. Filling is used throughout the frame.  


A bed of ultra-light Xenecore microcapsules is injected into the frame before being cooked.When it reaches the cooking temperature, the microcapsules expand and rise to completely fill the frame, similar to the baked cookies in an oven.It is a more expensive process but the results are more power , control , stability and comfort .

Arm Protection

Xenecore provides Superior Shock & Vibration Absorption, results in NO MORE Chronic Tennis Elbow, Shoulder or Wrist Injuries.

One Core to Hexacore (6)

From 2010 to today we have developed and improved the solid core technology, moving from a single core to the penta core in 2016/2017 and since the end of 2018/2019 we have produced the new hexa core frames.

Hollow Frame

1982 - 2010

Solid Core 

2010 - 2018

Donnay developed racquets with solid one core to pentacore(5 cores)


2018 - now

Donnay's Hexacore racquets are made with 6 solid cores for better stability, control, and feel while dampening harmful racquet vibration.

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