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Just because you get older doesn’t mean you have to slow way down. In fact, staying fit, active, and competitive as the years go on is something most people credit for keeping them young looking and feeling. Tennis is a perfect way to keep your body and mind sharp as you get older and, no matter if you are an experienced player or a novice, with a few tweaks to your game, you can play safely and at a high level well into your older age. Here are 5 tips for tennis players over 45.

1. Adapt to avoid injury

As you age, the simple fact is, you need to adapt your game to avoid injury. You need to concentrate on the basics of fitness such as stretching and staying hydrated during your match as well as making sure to stretch again and ice your arm afterward. You should also think about your equipment, specifically your shoes and racquet, and make sure they are best for avoiding injury.

2. Concentrate on correct technique

When you were younger, you may have been able to just “grip it and rip it” and get the results you were looking for on the court. You did not have to think about perfect form and a consistent stroke. Focusing on that stroke and making it as compact, consistent, efficient, and economical as possible will allow you to keep your game up as you inevitably lose some power.

3. Use technology to keep you power

While the torque of your body and racquet speed used to be able to generate all the power you needed on the court, that becomes less and less true for older tennis players. To make up for speed and power your body can no longer generate, you may want to turn to a more technologically advanced racquet where less force will still give you a good deal of power.

4. Recognize when pain comes

Tennis-related injuries do not always come in one big “pop”. Often, they develop over time and with the repetitive motion and vibration of tennis racquet. Listen to your body and even when you start to experience slight twinges, start considering pulling back or making equipment changes before that small issue becomes a big one.

5. Switch to a solid-core racquet

For tennis players 40 and up, the old-school, hollow racquet is not doing you any favors. There are so many advantages that come with a solid-core racquet, you will be amazed at how well you perform on the court.

The Racquet Tennis Player over 45 NEED

To take care of your health, upgrade your equipment, and keep your game at a high level, players over 40 need to play with a Donnay “solid-core” racquet. While there have been cosmetic changes to racquets over the years, there has not been many significant changes in racquet technology in the last 20 years outside of Donnay racquets with Xenecore Technology. These racquets are specially designed with the most advanced racquet technology available to protect players from Tennis Elbow, shoulder or wrist injuries, while also providing superior power and control.

Donnay Xenecore Technology

 Donnay racquets are made with Xenecore Solid Multicore technology which is light years ahead of the competition! Donnay Multicore Webs provide our racquets with industry-leading comfort, power, control, and stability, and with something no other racquet on the market possesses, "Dynamic Stiffness".

Simply put, Dynamic Stiffness is the ability of a racquet to behave like TWO different racquets in one. It has the performance of both a flexible racquet at lower ball string impact speeds and like a stiffer when those speeds increase. This technology first appeared in the '80s and was last available in the ultra-expensive racquets racquets in the late '90s. In both cases, Dynamic Stiffness made for a heavy racquet and an expensive on that topped out at almost $400. With our Xenecore Technology, Donnay has duplicated the effect in our current line of racquets while keeping the costs on par with the normal performance racquets of today.

7-time Gram Slam Champion Chooses Donnay

"I like the look of it which is very important to me and i like the way it feels to hit a ball with it because it’s solid and flexible. It has feel but it’s solid. i don’t like stiff racquets because I have a lot of racquet-head speed."

Mats Wilander
7-time Grand Slam Champion

At DONNAY, we believe "tennis racquet should protect the players from injuries first and foremost." Our racquets are not just best performing but ARM SAFE.

The Donnay Line of Racquets

No matter what you are looking for or what your game needs, you will be able to find a Donnay racquet that fits you perfectly.

  •  Pro One 97.The definitive "Players Frame" gives players ample Power but is truly focused on control and touch. Available in 305g only. 

  • Formula 100. The answer to the dilemma, “how do I get power, control, and comfort in one racquet,” this “tweener” racquet has the same geometry, weight, and balance as top racquets on the market but without the arm shattering effect so common with hollow, lightweight racquets. Available in Regular and 275g Lite version. 

  • Allwood. Donnay's Flagship model, this "does everything well" racquet truly does just that; EVERYTHING! Power when you need it, control and touch when you don't. With its slightly larger head size, the Allwood is a racquet for everybody. Available in regular and 285g Lite Version. 

  •  Penta 99  and the Superlight Tri Core 114. For players seeking thin beam and oversize racquet with Xenecore Technology, these lightweight racquets are perfect for senior players. 


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