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Pentacore Racquets

Pentacore frames are the ultimate application of Xenecore technology. They are a virtual extension of the arm with their astonishing combination of big-league power and sublime comfort. The extra power comes from the solid-core Xenecore tubing in the hoop that allows the frame to bend back slightly on ball contact but recover in a nanosecond to launch the ball like a slingshot.

The result is a quantum leap in power with a smooth, buttery feel, a larger sweet spot and best-in-industry stability. The combination means Pentacores appeal to a broad section of players -- from lower intermediates to advanced players who want to add a lot more pop, stability and comfort to their games.

What’s the basic difference between the Pentacore models?

The Formula Pentacore model has a broad-based appeal that transcends playing levels and styles, whether your game is singles or doubles or a combination of both. It fits into the popular ‘tweener category with its generous but-not-quite-oversized 100-square-inch head size and head light balance.

The Pro One Pentacore is for more accomplished player (4.0 and up on the NTRP scale) with a full swing who generates his/her own power, but would like a auxiliary power boost from the racquet, an element you won’t find with other flexible frames. Most of all you’ll love its pinpoint control that allows you pick your spot on the court whether it’s down the middle or on the line or a rally-ending masterful drop shot. The 97-square-inch hitting area comes in both an open-string pattern (16x19) and closed-string configuration (18x20). For those who prefer a larger head size, it also comes in a 102-square-inch version.