TWO(2) Penta 99 Racquets
TWO(2) Penta 99 RacquetsTWO(2) Penta 99 RacquetsTWO(2) Penta 99 RacquetsTWO(2) Penta 99 RacquetsTWO(2) Penta 99 RacquetsTWO(2) Penta 99 RacquetsTWO(2) Penta 99 RacquetsTWO(2) Penta 99 RacquetsTWO(2) Penta 99 Racquets

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Arm Protection

Xenecore provides Superior Shock & Vibration Absorption, results in no more chronic Tennis Elbow, Shoulder or Wrist Injuries.

Play Better, Safer & Injury Free Tennis with Donnay.


Head size: 99sq"
String Pattern: 16x19
Stiffness (RDC): 60
Grip: Cushion
Rec. String Tension: 45lbs (+/- 10)
Beam Width: 15/18/17mm
Length: 27
Technology: Penta XēneCore™


The Penta 99 Gold & Silver, have super thin beams (the leanest in tennis at 15/18/17 millimeters). Fortified by five solid-cores for super performance, comfort, durability & control, they are a boon for advanced players who supply their own power with long fast swings, & hard-swinging intermediates who need help tempering their rocket-launched shots to keep them in the court. The specs for the Penta 99 Gold & Silver are practically the same, except for the slight variations in their stationary & swing weights. The X-Dual Gold is for bigger & stronger hitters while the X-Dual Silver is tailored for smaller players  as well as seniors. The advantage of the thin beam is greater maneuverability & racquet-head speed that helps create severe spin because there is less aerodynamic drag during the swing than with wider frames. Thin beams also reduce shots that inadvertently bounce off the frame instead of the string bed, especially when the racquet face is closed & forms a “shadow effect” over the string bed. see full review below.




Amongst all the recent frames Donnay has made, the X series is absolutely the most characteristic of the brand. Not only because of the uniqueness of the frame, clearly inspired by the Pro One of the past, but also because the design and implementation of Donnay X is an experience that is not shared with any other company, especially the type of molds and type of racquet production. These frames at 15/18/17mm are the most slender of all racquets curently on the market. One is almost instantly reminded of the original Pro Staff 85, but in 99" inches. The names "Gold & Silver" have corresponding colors of their grommets & headguards. At the handle there is the usual Donnay Interchangeable Palltets System, the grip, the Donnay Cushion, is a well-made product, but really thin and sensitive, so that the handle feels & measures slightly smaller than the size indicated, however, with an overgrip we were dead on. One could also replace the original grip, thin at 1.4mm with a 1.90 / 2.0 mm, to solve the problem.The butt-cap has a transparent inset, which reveals the Xenecore material that fills the whole frame, in it's orange / red color. The appearance of the racket is very rich, brilliantly elegant, in fact distinguished.

From the baseline, we appreciated the vigor of the frame, robust in general & ready to give players a boost, without being a real gun. The improvement over the previous version is clearly noticeable.

The backspin is smooth, Soft and sensitive. It is guides the ball to the end and modulates at will, both in height & in intensity. The ball is literally bitten by the pattern, it remains there until the arm decides where to place the ball. With this feature, in addition to the side-spin available, tricks are always within arm's reach.

 At net it is easy and solid, strong at impact and you feel the ball very well. Service is complete and effective. Slice can be deadly, even on the serve. Excellent kicks, leaping high and deep, with interesting trajectories, even effective in defense.

Ultimately , Donnay made us wait a bit 'to get a suitable replacement for the X-Dual's , but it was worth it because X-Penta 99 is undoubtedly an improvement.
The new Penta 99's are classic frames, overflowing with spin potential. Fexible frames, communicative, full of feeling and control, which does generate a disarming amount of power when needed while being easy on the arm. Like we said, true "Classics"

Hexacore (6 Cores)

Hexacore-filled Xenecore racquets provide "feels soft/hits hard" results because of the addition of a fifth or sixth core over the previous quad, tri, dual and single core frames.With more cores on each side of the shaft, they provide even more comfort, power, stability, precision, accuracy and control.

Even though these racquets are flexible for control, they provide power without torquing at high velocities. The coefficient of restitution is extremely high which provides this unprecedented power. So the 200 pounds of force transmitted to your arm from hollow racquets is reduced by 70 percent with Hexacore.

The new Donnay-Xenecore Formula Hexacore and their lighter cousins, the Xenecore Formula Pentacore & Hexacore Lites, are a virtual extension of the arm with its astonishing paradoxical combination of big-league power and sublime comfort.The Formula Hexacore translates into pure power, but unlike conventional stiff frames such as the best-selling Babolats Pure Drive and AeroPro, it is easy on the arm.Play test results show it has the inherit big-league power and specifications of the best-selling Babolats but with a smooth, buttery feel, a larger sweet spot andbest-in-industry stability.

Herxacore Pro One 97 with its flex-rating of 59 provides pinpoint control and feel for 4.0 -and-up players. For the Head Prestige or Wilson Blade players with high-velocity full swings, it means no torquing and the ability to direct the ball where you want it to go.

Brand New:

Racquet has not been hit. May or may not have been strung. May have irregular cosmetics.

Grade B: 

Racquet is in excellent condition. It exhibits very little use; wear is evident on grip and grommets only. May have minor paint defects. 

Grade C:

Racquet is in great condition. It has been used and shows some minor cosmetic wear on the frame. Does not exhibit wear from play that exposes graphite. Frame is not damaged from strings as a result of poor grommet care.

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