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Pro One Quad-Core GT Racquets

The Pro One GT Quads in both the 16x19 and 18x20 string pattern are lower-cost alternatives to their Pentacore Pro One counterparts. The differences between the Penta and Quad versions are the additional fifth core in the Penta versions and the improved configuration of the cores that improve both the comfort and playability over the GT Quads.  Quadcore rackets are designed for ultimate performance rather than comfort.

The 16x19 GT Quad is for players who hit with big spin and are looking for a slight power edge, while 18x20 version is more for the control-obsessed player because of its tighter string pattern.

The Quad series are great for budget-minded weekend warriors who play for fun and to beat their opponents in the regular Saturday morning game or make it to the finals of the club or park tournament, while the Penta versions are for those who aspire to take the top trophy.