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Pro One Penta 97 (16x19) Black Edition

Pro One Penta 97 (16x19) Black Edition

Product Review (submitted on October 29, 2017):
I'm impressed how well this racquet is made, all the way down to the plastic quality on the butt cap. The swing, control, and power is effortless. The other foam filmed racquet, Angell TC97 is no where close to the positive attributes of this racquet. First, The plastics on this racquet is thicker and less brittle. Second, the filling(xenecore) in this racquet gives this racquet incredible stability, unlike the light foam found in the TC97. Thirdly, the racquet feels as an extension of the arm, the TC97 is extremely clumsy and mishits in the upper hoop sends shock waves up your arm. I am able to crush serves, bang topspin and flat groundies all day, and come to the net for easily controlled volleys. I sent a Babolat player home early the other day, he was so frustrated he couldn't finish the match. I've hit with many racquets including pro stocks for many years, from my experience, thank you for a truly beautiful racquet.