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Pro One MID + (2014)

Pro One MID + (2014)

Product Review (submitted on June 7, 2017):
Like many players, I've demoed and picked up a good number of racquets in search of the best one to fit my game. The Pro One Mid+ fit the bill better than any other I've tried! Despite its generous 102" head size, it is an intermediate to advanced frame that is right in my wheel-house. It packs some nice power and seems very well balanced in the control vs power departments. You really get the best of both worlds here. Coming in at around 11oz strung, it is also in that "customizable sweet spot" where you can add some lead to bump up the SW, or get a little more weight in the handle. I found a bit of lead at the 3 an d 9 o-clock positions, as well as a leather grip to fit the bill nicely. Perhaps my favorite thing about this stick is its comfort level. It's incredibly comfortable to hit with, but not mushy at all! I've played with some racquets with a lower RA that are comfortable, but also mushy with a lack of feel. This provides all the comfort you want without sacrificing feel.

My only complaints about this stick are the aesthetics and current price point. It's a bit steep coming in at over $200 for a 2014 frame. If you can find a better bargain on it, you'd do yourself well in giving it a shot! Also, it's not a bad looking racquet, but its not the best look in the world either. Donnay's more current frames seem much more eye friendly. These are also prone to chipping. I actually applied a coat of clear polish to the outside of the frame to protect from that a bit.

All things considered, this is a solid offering from Donnay that is a very well rounded racquet offering comfort, control and solid power. It's definitely worth a shot at the right price point!