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X-Dual Gold (2016)

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Dual-Core Comfort

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The X-Dual Golds and Silvers, with their super thin beams (the leanest in tennis at 15/18/17 millimeters) and fortified by two solid-cores for comfort, durability and control are a boon for advanced players who supply their own power with long fast swings and hard-swinging intermediates who need help tempering their rocket-launched shots to keep them in the court.

The specs for the X-Dual Golds and Silvers are practically the same, except for their stationary and swing weights. The X-Dual Gold is for bigger and stronger hitters while the X-Dual Silver is tailored for smaller players and seniors.

The advantage of the thin beam is greater maneuverability and racquet-head speed that helps create severe spin because there is less aerodynamic drag during the swing than with wider frames. Thin beams also reduce shots that inadvertently bounce off the frame instead of the string bed, especially when the racquet face is closed and forms a “shadow effect” over the string bed.

Donnay wasn’t the first company to manufacture and distribute the thin beam racquet — There was the Wilson 5.5si thin-body that and quickly disappeared in 1996, and around the same Prince briefly did a thin-beam version of of its Prince Graphite. The problem with these efforts was Wilson and Prince’s racquets were hollow which compromised their comfort and durability.

Donnay overcame those problems by filling its thin X-Dual frames with Xenecore. They’ve been in our line for six years, a testament to their durability. As a tribute to its comfort, the X-Dual Gold was named Men’s Journal’s most comfortable racquet in the industry in its annual review of the best frames on the market.

Head size: 97sqi
Unstrung Weight: 310g
Unstrung Balance: 315mm
Strung Weight: 11.5oz
Strung Balance: 5 Points HL
Strung Swing Wt: 318
String Pattern: 16x19
Stiffness (RDC): 64
Grip: Cushion
Rec. String Tension: 45lbs (+/- 10)
Beam Width: 15/18/17mm
Length: 27
Technology: Dual XÄ“neCore™

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