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What makes DONNAY Racquets so different from the competition & how you may benefit from switching.

All of our competitor’s graphite tennis racquets are made the same way. They are essentially blown up in a mold, just like a balloon, with compressed air. Heat is then applied, which cures an epoxy resin that the graphite fibers are soaked in, to result in a hollow finished racquet.

Racquets were not always made like this, but over time, as the cost of manufacturing steadily increased, manufacturers were forced to resort to this method to keep production costs down, in order to maintain high profit margins on their tennis racquets.

So what is the problem with such "hollow racquets" as it pertains to you? It's all a matter of pure physics. Hollow racquets like other hollow structures are extremely efficient transmitting SHOCK & VIBRATION. They essentially RING like a bell. Shock & Vibration propagate (travel) through their structures and it's that Shock & Vibration which are so dangerous to you & your arm.

DONNAY has a better way. While our racquets are made in molds similar to other racquets, we do not use compressed air to inflate the graphite like a balloon. Unlike our competitor's racquets, our racquets are inflated with an expanding foam called XENECORE. This foam fills the entire inside of our racquets, so our racquets are not HOLLOW like the competition. XENECORE filled racquets have many unique advantages over traditionally air inflated racquets:

1) The XENECORE absorbs shock and vibration like a SPONGE. This results in a significant reduction in the level of shock & vibration that reach your arm. The FEEL of the racquet is SOLID rather than the traditional tinny feel of others.

2) Xenecore filled racquets are much stronger & more structurally stable that hollow racquets. There is less deformation of the racquet's shape due to impact with the ball, so they are more accurate as well.

Xenecore is virtually weightless, so it's use allows DONNAY to make lighter racquets (if desired) that are stronger than their heavier competition. Yes we agree that a racquet may feel TOO LIGHT is someone's hand, & some of our models have the ability to change the total weight of the racquet, with modular butt cap weights, without any effect on swingweight. It's much cleaner than via the use of lead tape!

DONNAY has models to compete with almost every popular competitive racquet available. If you use a:

Pure Drive or an Pure Arrow, check out our Formulas.
Pro Staff, Radical, Prestige, or Blade, give the Pro One a try.

Looking for the Ultimate Spin Racquet, Try our 15mm Beam Width Silver or Gold 99’s.

New to the Sport, or Senior? Our Game Improvement Racquet, the Superlight 114 is for you.

Leaving the best for last, our ALLWOOD 102 is our PERFECT STORM of Tennis Racquets.
Light Weight, with ample Control and Power, it's our #1 best seller, & for good reason. It simply

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